Tikvah Layeled is a specialist treatment center that provides individually tailored therapy for celebral palsy children. Its goal is to improve the quality of life for children so that they are independent and active, and can participate in everyday life to the best of their ability.

Tikvah Layeled’s 24 Hour Helpline Provides Immediate Support for Parents & Caregivers Published:August 29, 2015

Life doesn’t take a break. Things come up in our lives 24 hours a day, every day. Problems don’t wait until it’s convenient for us. That’s why Tikvah Layeled provides 24 hour support to care

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Rehab Equipment That Changes How We Age Published:August 22, 2015

While we may think health clubs are solely the domain of the young and fit, they are actually anything but. People of all ages have returned to the gym so that they may lead healthier, longer live

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A Teen Carries his Brother 57 miles to Raise Awareness for His Disability Published:August 11, 2015

Hunter Gandee came up with the title of “Cerebral Palsy Swagger.” It’s an amusing and quite understated title that doesn’t quite do justice to the 57-mile trek he undertook this past June

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Not Letting it Get in Her Way – How Jewel Kats Turned Her Disability Into a Strength Published:August 4, 2015


Jewel Kats is a lot of things, disabled is just one of them. It’s what she does with her disability that is so inspiring. She takes it and turns it into a source of inspiration for others. H

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Feeding Children with Disabilities Pure Love Published:July 22, 2015

Tikvah Layeled is a rehabilitation and treatment center than helps care for children with cerebral palsy. CP may include a variety of disorders that can occur in children at birth. This disability can

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