Tikvah Layeled’s 24 Hour Helpline Provides Immediate Support for Parents & Caregivers

Tikvah Layeled Help

Life doesn’t take a break. Things come up in our lives 24 hours a day, every day. Problems don’t wait until it’s convenient for us. That’s why Tikvah Layeled provides 24 hour support to caregivers and parents of children with cerebral palsy.

There are many facets to the disorder associated with CP. Some are not always evident and care for a child with CP can be challenging and confusing at times, but parents, and even caregivers, need to know they are not in it alone. They can draw upon the years of experience provided by the caregivers at Tikvah Layeled.

Parenting is difficult enough, but for parents of disabled children it can seem like there is nowhere else to turn. For the dedicated caregivers at Tikvah Layeled, they understand this. Advice, compassion, and a sympathetic ear, can go a long way in providing support in times of need. Caring for a child that is suffering can be a painful experience for any parent, but help is available around the clock, all year round.

When questions come up, whether they are related to therapy or to the specialized equipment that is used to assist children with CP, referrals, information and advice are all available. In addition to the many counseling sessions, therapy and fun activities Tikvah Layeled regularly provides children, sometimes a phone call is all it takes to answer questions or advise a parent who is feeling overwhelmed. Tikvah Layeled provides that support around the clock. Sometimes all we need is a word of encouragement.

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