Individual and group therapy and counseling by social workers for children and their families;
Training for parents and associated care givers in home care;
Assistance and specialized equipment to make homes accessible for physically challenged children; Round-the-clock helpline provides immediate support for parents and caregivers.
Seminars and educational programs
to enhance awareness of cerebral
palsy related issues;
Early intervention programs and
screening to identify special needs
Community hotline to provide
counseling, guidance and referrals.
Group and individualized classes in
reading, writing, mathematics, Jewish
studies and other core subjects;
Remedial special education classes
for the learning disabled;
Computer training;
Life skill classes, vocational and job
skill training for young adults.
Comprehensive (10-12) weekly
Due to the need to prioritize funds, Israeli hospitals and
sessions of physical, occupational,
rehabilitation centers are not always in a position to acquire state
speech and communication therapy;
of the art medical equipment. Advanced rehabilitation and
Computer therapy;
diagnostic tools regularly available in medical centers abroad are
Music and art therapy;
often scarce and highly prized in Israel.
Zoo therapy (animal assisted therapy)
Able to rely on the connections it has made with the international
Horticultural therapy (gardening
research and therapeutic community, Tikvah Layeled helps local
hospitals acquire necessary diagnostic and continuous treatment
Medical monitoring, evaluations
equipment vital to the child's well being.
consultations and specialized
Among other important acquisitions made on behalf of Israeli
hospitals, Tikvah Layeled acquired a sophisticated orthopedic bone
Therapeutic and medical supplies
elongation system from Italy, for the orthopedics department of
and equipment.
Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.
A "Screener" which Tikvah Layeled purchased for Hadassah's
neurological section, has enabled the hospital to carry out more
thorough testing in the vital area of ear brain communication.
Tikvah Layeled also donated a "Blood Gas Testing System", which
quickly and efficiently monitors the gas level in the bloodstream, and
checks the newborn baby's oxygen level immediately after birth.
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